Collector’s Corner: Perfectly Sized

Collector's Corner: Perfectly Sized
“A Cup of Christmas Tea” doll-size tea set with a 4 1⁄2-inch-diameter tray.

I now have approximately 200 tea sets. (Can you imagine how much room one would need if they were full-size?) The three different sizes they fall into are child-size, which are sized for a small child’s hand to hold; doll-size, which are scaled for dolls around 18 inches tall, such as the American Girl series; and dollhouse-size, which are scaled approximately 1 inch to the foot, which is the most popular size in the miniature world. It is also my favorite size to collect.

All of the tea sets are displayed in a glass-fronted cabinet that my son Tim built especially for them. It has glass shelves and interior lights that show the tea sets to their advantage.

Collector's Corner: Perfectly Sized
The plain white tea set that started the whole miniature collection, featuring a 2 1⁄4-inch tray and 1-inch-high teapot.

My first tea set was a plain white one—nothing fancy—that I paid all of 50 cents for from a lady who sold flea market items, but I love it.