Collector’s Corner: Perfectly Sized

Collector's Corner: Perfectly Sized
Japanese-made tea set reminiscent of Old-World porcelains.

Another one of my favorites is a tea set I purchased back in the 1970s from Shackman, an early importer of tiny items made in Japan. Although inexpensive, it has a rich look to it.

I enjoy going to gift shops, because I’m pretty sure I’m going to find a tea set or two. Once, when I was in a gift shop in Pennsylvania, the shopkeeper had a number of tea sets that were so different from what I already had that I purchased almost every set. I’m sure I made her day!

Collector's Corner: Perfectly Sized
Genuine French Limoges set purchased in the 1970s, featuring a 3-inch-wide tray and 1⁄4-inch-high teacups.

I like sets that have different-shaped cups—square as opposed to round, flat lids on sugar bowls and teapots instead of dome shaped. The more different the features, the more likely I am to buy it. Some of the tea sets are made of German porcelain; others are French and made in Limoges. One is a red wooden set from Germany, and I have a couple old, nondescript, but charming ones that were made in Occupied Japan. I also have two tin litho sets from the 1950s depicting Little Red Riding Hood.