Collector’s Corner: Perfectly Sized

Collector's Corner: Perfectly Sized
“Blue Posies” child-size tea set with pedestalled pieces and a 9-inch-wide tray.

I was fortunate to acquire a handmade pottery tea set made by Jane Graber in 1991. In the miniature world, her pieces are highly sought after. I found this little tea set in a dollhouse shop also in Pennsylvania.

When I first started collecting in 1969, there wasn’t much to be had. I really had to search high and low to find a tea set here or there. Etsy and eBay were not in existence. Today, a number of my sets have come from eBay sellers. Gift shops and novelty shops are good sources. It’s always fun to go into a new shop and find a set or two that I don’t have. I think collecting, no matter what it is, is what keeps one young.

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