The Complete Table: Setting the Table with Family Heirlooms

The Complete Table: Setting the Table with Family HeirloomsTraditional
We’ve set our table with The Princess, which likely dates from the second quarter of the 20th century. (Before 1926, Haviland patterns were not named, only numbered.) In typical Haviland fashion, The Princess has a border of delicate pastels—pink roses and pale-blue flourishes.


  1. Great article on how to switch up a traditional/heirloom setting. I love Haviland china and have several pieces of it. I enjoy mixing and matching all of my collection to create lots of unique looks. Beautiful picture too!

  2. Fantastic settings and exquisitely beautiful Teaware…..Have a fetish for everything tea and the dainty chintzy prints are so beautiful…Did not know chintz originated in India ,now looking back remember the calico prints in bedsheets and pillow covers. English teasets are supremely beautiful and superior . The translucent ,paper thin cups are delicate and so beautifully fragile, handling them also would require extreme care as even as a bump would affect the fragile sets.
    Indian teasets have some beautiful range but the paper thin quality of the bone China as the English sets is missing. They are heirloom pieces which one does not see in the modern teasets.
    Thank you for sharing the articles,loved ,loved browsing through them.
    Princess is a befitting name as it would be the perfect set to grace the tea table be it high tea or evening tea.
    Remember seeing pictures with elegant ladies in gloves and hats partaking tea …..
    Loved the article and link.


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