Delicious Ways to Honor Mom


A beautiful Mother’s Day table begins with elegant china—either a vintage pattern that you cherish, such as Castleton Sunnyvale, pictured above left, or a new pattern that you’ve fallen in love with, such as Herend Royal Garden, above right. Let the china you choose set the color palette for the flowers, table linens, and other accessories.


  1. I enjoy beautiful things. Fine linens, crystal, china, and flowers can set the mood for the whole day! Nothing says “I care, I love you, and you are worth everything I am putting into this tea.” The colors alone are so soothing and beautiful. Beautiful china teapots can tell one the colors to begin to set “Tea Time.”

  2. I too love beautiful china and place settings and have many beautiful cups and saucers. The bad thing about it that I don’t know or have anyone to have a lovely tea party with!

  3. I’m in Gatineau, Canada.. I also would love a tea party.–I would invite you both, Colleen and Patricia. . Regards. and God bless.


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