Springtime Ham Sandwiches
Serves: 8 sandwiches
  • 1 (11-ounce) loaf focaccia bread
  • 1 recipe Sun-Dried Tomato Aïoli (recipe follows)
  • 24 leaves spring mix lettuce
  • 8 slices deli ham
  1. Using a 2 1⁄2-inch square cutter, cut 8 squares from bread. Cut each square in half horizontally.
  2. Spread Sun-Dried Aïoli evenly on interior of cut bread. Arrange 3 lettuce leaves atop aïoli on bottom half of each bread square. Arrange ham in a ruffled fashion on top of lettuce leaves. Top with remaining bread squares, aïoli side down. Secure each with a decorative pick*.
  3. Serve immediately.
We used Talisman Designs Party Picks (talismandesigns.com).
Recipe by TeaTime Magazine at https://www.teatimemagazine.com/springtime-ham-sandwiches-recipe/