Fancy That: Making Memories One Tea Cup at a Time

Fancy That: Making Memories One Tea Cup at a TimeWhile Sarah is the creative force behind the tearoom, her husband, Brad McCraken, helps her materialize it. They often test the recipes together, but Brad usually does the baking and prepares the tea sandwiches. Sarah takes care of plating the food and maintaining the inventory in the gift shop, among other things, and is admittedly obsessed about details. 

“I literally sit down and drink the tea, and if I don’t like it, it doesn’t go on my menu,” says Sarah, who has tried to give customers a real smorgasbord of more than 45 teas.

By contrast, the tearoom’s food menu is rather simple, and that, she says, is by design. The scones are always heart-shaped and freshly baked and are served along with a slice of tea bread. Everyone receives four sandwiches—two of them cucumber. “It’s so classic,” Sarah asserts. “You can’t go to tea without a cucumber sandwich!” Fancy Chicken Salad, made with apricot jam and white raisins, is another tea-sandwich staple that doesn’t change. The fourth sandwich flavor, as well as the scone variety, rotates monthly. The three desserts also change regularly and usually include an imported French macaron, a mini cupcake, and a little parfait or, in summer, a fresh fruit cup.


  1. I have been subscribing to Tea Time for many years. I look forward to receiving each new issue. Thank you for publishing such a delightful magazine. Rochelle Mason

  2. It is very strange that I am looking at a story about Fancy That Tea Room. My friends and I just went there yesterday. Brad can’t do enough to make your tea experience absolutely wonderful. I would highly recommend going to Fancy That. I know I will be going back as soon as possible.

  3. Such a charming place, it’s like stepping into the dollhouse you dreamed of as a child and having a tea party. Make a reservation if you are in the area. You’ll love it!

  4. I went to Fancy That yesterday with my son. It was a Mother’s Day present from him. It took a while to get the reservation but was well worth the wait. I have not stopped talking about it to EVERYONE!! I had the most delightful time and just loved the atmosphere so much. I am a tea drinker from way back and this experience was like nothing I have ever had. The tea was wonderful, the food just right and Brad and Sarah the best hosts, so charming, fun and witty. I cannot say enough about my new love interest — Fancy That! I will be back with friends, with relatives, with anyone that wants to go with me!! Thank for a great experience!


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