Farm to Cup

Farm to Cup
Photography Courtesy of Williamson Tea

This effort and devotion are apparent not only through this special partnership, but are also reflected through the unique tea caddies designed by Edward’s father, Philip Magor. Originally made from porcelain, each container—now made of tin—depicts a different elephant adorned in various artistic themes and makes up a part of the Williamson Tea “herd.” This collection has expanded over the years with decorative limited-edition designs released annually.

But wildlife conservation is not the company’s only charitable focus. The Williamson Tea Foundation invests in social and environmental projects on all of its tea farms and surrounding communities. Edward notes that its biggest mission is to provide healthcare and education to the farmers, their families, and their children.

“We have a 150-year view on farming and the importance of sustainability,” he says. “Caring for our farms and communities in an instinctive commitment. As farmers, we are guardians of the land, and giving back to the land, soil, and communities that live on our farms is essential if future generations are going to be sustained just as those before us have been.”

The amalgamation of Williamson Tea’s care and consideration for its hardworking employees, as well as for the environment, results in an impressive variety of teas, which come straight from the lands of its private farms and remain its hallmark and crowning glory.

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