Finding Tea in Nantes

Finding Tea in Nantes

9 boulevard Gabriel Guist’hau • 44000 Nantes
+33 2 51 82 35 72 •

Ôjacaranda tea and coffee salon offers a spa-like moment of tranquility after a busy day of touring. White walls, minimalist décor, and soothing music nurture daydreaming, quiet chats, or postcard-writing sessions, all over a pot of tea. Named for the tropical flowering jacaranda tree, the salon serves a variety of quality teas: black, green, white, oolong, and flavored, including a selection of organic ones. The menu includes coffee, smoothies, and a small selection of sweets. The shop sells tea things and gift boxes featuring samplings of teas. This friendly tea venue loves to display photos of its happy customers. Of course, they’ll ask permission before they snap your picture!


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