Finding Tea in Nantes

Finding Tea in NantesLa Passagère Passage Pommeraie
1 rue du Puits d’Argent • 44000 Nantes
+33 2 40 89 50 50 •

Nestled in the corner of one of Europe’s most beautiful covered galleries, La Passagère is a restaurant and salon de thé that serves breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea. Framed with stone arches and decorated with red velvet benches and grand mirrors, the refined ambiance encourages diners to linger leisurely over tea and a pastry. La Passagère serves teas from the Parisian house George Cannon, run by the same family for six generations. The tea menu includes an extensive selection of single-estate black, green, white, and oolong teas.

Finding Tea in Nantes

Flavored teas also figure prominently on the menu—La Moukère de Sidi Kaouki (green tea with mint, rose, and orange flower) and Pavillon Blanc (white tea with pineapple, peach, and pear) are two popular blends. The salon’s lunch menu reflects French passion for seasonal produce, and ample vegetarian choices are available. 

Passing through the boutique as you leave La Passagère, you can pick up a tin of tea, as well as plenty of gourmet treats to stash in your suitcase—salted butter caramels, red currant syrup, and wild carrot honey, to name but a few.  


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