How to Create Your Own Afternoon Tea Menu

 How-To Create Your Own Afternoon Tea Menu

Some hostesses and tearoom owners choose to serve scones as a first course because, as they point out, scones are best hot out of the oven. Others prefer scones as the second course, in which case they either place these breads on the corresponding tier of the stand to be eaten at room temperature or bring the warm scones to the table only at the appropriate time.

If scones are petite, allow two per person; otherwise, one each should be sufficient. Select a flavor and a shape that will be compatible with the other courses and with the selected theme. Choose condiments that complement the taste of the scone, and be sure to allow enough for each guest. Visit the scone recipe index to get delicious options for your menu.


  1. I’ve always included a Bundt cake at my tea parties. They are easy to make and there are so many flavors. I would like to serve pralines at my next party but they are hard to come by so I may have to learn to make them myself. Nice, helpful article.

    • The 3 tiered stand is very traditional, The photos only show three or four food items per tier, usually different varieties. If there are four or more guests present, obviously that would not be enough, or give each person a chance to try the one they would rather have. Is this done just for purposes of the lovely photos? What is the proper way to serve additional tea sandwiches?


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