J’adore Limoges!

J’adore Limoges!
AMR Marie Antoinette (above). Bernardaud shares a stunning snapshot of their current and ever-changing collections of beautifully decorated porcelains.

By Kerry Vincent
Photography Courtesy of Bernardaud

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was besotted with china, porcelain, and cut-glass artwork. The little girl dreamed of pretty patterns and tea parties real and imagined, and conducted full-service make-believe afternoon teas for her family, friends, and dolls. One day, her grandmother mentioned the word Limoges when showing her a family heirloom teacup and saucer. Familiar English brand names tripped easily off the little girl’s tongue, but the “mōzh” in Limoges was a challenge, and she stumbled initially pronouncing the word with a hard g.


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