J’adore Limoges!

J’adore Limoges!
Bernardaud Aux Oiseaux

Family knew when it came to gifts and celebrations that the girl looked forward to seeing what china bits would be hidden within the tissue of the gaily wrapped parcels resting beneath the tree or on birthday mornings. She did not know that this early pastime would become a lifelong passion.

Limoges and Lalique, “the two L’s,” were fascinating and exotic to her, and in time, she came to possess some of those amazing treasures for herself. Vivid memories recall a boutique find—a Lalique frosted-crystal robin trinket tray that followed her mother’s gift of a three-piece Limoges Regency dresser set comprised of a powder box, perfume atomizer, and a dainty covered whatnot for pins and things, all stamped S A Porcelaine Limoges France. So not Limoges per se, but the company La Seynie, located within the city walls, imprinted their wares with a rusty red heraldic shield. Boucher and Fragonard inspired commemorative plates and hinged boxes that peppered personal purchases and the many gifts the girl received over the following decades. Some were curiously marked La Reine Limoges and others Castel Limoges with differing inscriptions and crests. The upshot was she finally realized the city of Limoges shelters a myriad of porcelain-producing companies, all trading on Limoges.


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