J’adore Limoges!

Bernardaud by Sarah Lavoie Aboro (above) reflects whimsical and retro design elements that appeal to contemporary sensibilities. 

Modern day, full circle, the little girl has evolved into a dignified grande dame, elegant in lace and pearls and most often seen with teacup in hand. She discovers that, in 1986, Bernardaud acquired AMR, ensuring a portfolio of superb artisans with a wealth of artistic skill sets to produce precise replicas of 18th- and 19th-century museum pieces and contemporary designs highlighting the rich heritage of French craftsmanship.

The company has had a distinguished history manufacturing a wide range of lines, from luxury tabletop porcelain collections of opulent, vibrant, heavily encrusted, richly gilded ornamentation to spare minimalist contemporary designs that fit today’s lifestyle.

The grande dame smiles as she sips her tea; all is safe for another generation. J’adore Limoges!

From TeaTime March/April 2018



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