Knit The Tea Cozy’s Tea Cozy

PatriciaMcHugh-JF15One of the most delightful people we talked with while researching our story about yarn shops in the Pacific Northwest that also sell tea was Patricia McHugh, self-styled “forensic knitter” at The Tea Cozy in Seattle, Washington. Patricia explained her title in this way: “When your knitting becomes a tangled mess, I’m the person who helps you figure out what you did wrong.”

Patricia graciously shared her original pattern for The Tea Cozy’s tea cozy. Knitters can download the pattern below.

The Tea Cozy’s Tea Cozy


 Web exclusive, January/February 2015


  1. Such beautiful inspirations. Not just for one party, but ideas that can be applied to every party! Thanks for your facebook pages, as well as the wonderful magazine you publish. It’s a magazine I cherish enough to save every issue.

  2. I am a subscibrer to TEA TIME magazine. To my delight the latest issue had a number of articles about knitting and knit shops. Thank you ,thank you for the lovely pattern. I really love to knit and crochet and always have a cup of tea at my side. I hope someday I can visit every knit shop mentioned in the article.


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