Text by Katherine Cloninger Ellis

A Legacy of Luxury and Parisian Panache

A mecca of rainbow-hued macarons housed in an idyllic, jewelry box-esque setting has paved the way for delectable pastries, refined dining, attainable elegance, and afternoon tea to be enjoyed and celebrated at Ladurée locations around the globe. A seemingly simple confection made of egg whites, sugar, almond flour, and food coloring, the French macaron has launched a worldwide craze for the brand that goes far beyond a picture-perfect pastel dessert and an Instagram-worthy aesthetic. The phenomenon that is Ladurée has been steadily and successfully building its empire for 160 years, and it’s just getting started.

Photography Courtesy of Ladurée.

Since its inception in 1862 at the address of 16 rue Royale in Paris, the powerhouse company has made significant waves in the culinary world by perfecting the art of balancing innovative gastronomic creativity while paying homage to traditional French style. Louis Ernest Ladurée, a miller from southwest France and the namesake of the business, opened the bakery-turned-pâtisserie during a transformative time in Paris’s history. The culture was adapting and elevating to make room for high-society attractions, like the brand-new Palais Garnier opera house, chic cafés, and other prestigious and luxurious brand names, that were joining the business district in the same neighborhood as the bakery. Parisian women, specifically, were evolving with the revolution and seeking new opportunities to socialize with others free from judgment. Louis Ernest Ladurée’s wife, Jeanne Souchard, had the novel idea to combine the Parisian café with a pastry shop to create the rue Royale tearoom, one of the first in the city, to meet the moment and provide the public with an elegant respite that invited interesting conversation over delicious cuisine and cups of hot tea.

Ladurée’s beautiful Madison Avenue location in New York City commands attention for visitors and locals alike. Photography Courtesy of Ladurée.


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