Love Affair with The Milestone

Afternoon tea setting in the Park Lounge.

Noticing that the hotel served afternoon tea, I enquired about times and menu and determined to return to test the tea experience.

A few days later, booked in, we retraced our steps back to The Milestone and entered into the prettiest intimate lounge known as The Park. Our hostess settled us on a plush, Regency, patterned armchair that gave full view of the room—it’s always entertaining to see what’s going on!

The ambiance was tranquil, topped with thoughtful attention to detail from dedicated staff. Once tea commenced, our attention focused on the contents of the three-layered silver cake stand—it was hard to know where to start. The strict rule in my family was always savory first, then sweets, although that is not cast in stone for others.

The lower layer had a wide sandwich assortment that included smoked Scottish salmon with cream cheese; egg mayonnaise and spicy Hampshire watercress; and an earthy Mull of Kintyre cheddar with sliced tomatoes, English butter, and the freshest white and wholemeal breads. I was delighted, as there are few things I dislike more than to receive a plateful of sandwiches with the cut edges and crusts curling up, obviously made hours before.