A Midwinter Tea for a Snowy Afternoon

Celebrate the frozen landscape with an elegant but cozy tea.

With its ice-covered branches and snow-capped trees, winter’s landscape is beautiful yet chilling. Playing in the snow can be fun, of course, but once you’ve come inside, wouldn’t you rather be in front of a cozy fire, enjoying our Midwinter Tea?


  1. A perfect afternoon tea for a wintry day! I really like the settings. I’ll be trying the recipes too although here in east Texas we seldom have wintry days. It’s nice to take a mini-vacation via Tea Time to a wintry clime.

  2. I would love to know where I could get a teapot like the white tree trunk shaped one. My daughter would love it! I will also head over to the hoffmanmediastore.com, and get her a subscription to your magazine! Thanks so much!

  3. My wife absolutely loves the tables ape from this article, and is curious what the tea pot and set pieces are so she could acquire them. Can you help me with this?


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