Napkin Folding Technique


The humble, often overlooked napkin gets a makeover with these elegant yet simple ways to create beautifully designed folds.

In the stylish court of Louis XIV, there was no such thing as overindulgence. His opulent banquets were known for the lavish food and equally lavish table décor. Platters of fruit and roast lamb and trays piled high with decadent desserts were accented with glistening crystal glasses and sparkling silverware. Instead of a mere square of linen, napkins intricately folded into whimsical figures were placed next to the plates. It was there that the art of folding napkins became synonymous with sophistication.

Bring the same sophistication to the tea table with a crisply folded napkin perched on each place setting. And although it looks complicated, you may be surprised to find how easy it is to add that extra something special. After all, beauty is in the details.

Looking for more elegance? Add further detail to a beautifully folded design with napkin rings. Think of them as jewelry for your table, lending stylish flair to even the simplest napkins. And just like your favorite baubles, napkin rings vary from formal and classic to colorful and fun. Choose a design that suits the mood of your table, whether elegant silver or artsy beads. Adding a ring to an expertly folded napkin may seem like gilding the lily, but the visual effect is stunning.

Folded napkins can be used in a multitude of creative ways—as place-card holders or a clever spot for the silverware. Add colorful flair to the table by placing fresh flowers on top of a simply folded napkin.

Learn how to master this folding technique:




Step 1: To create this classic fleur-de-lis design, fold the napkin in half horizontally, and position folded edge at the bottom.







Step 2: Fold the upper right corner down to the center, and then fold the left corner in the same way.










Step 3: Bring the lower right corner of the triangle up to the top center point.








Step 4: Bring the left corner up to the top center, creating a diamond shape.






Step 5: Fold the top points out asshown.

Step 6: To finish, slip bottom point through the ring, and then adjust folds as necessary.

From TeaTime January/February 2008


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