Nina’s Marie-Antoinette

Nina’s Marie-Antoinette

A French Tea House with Royal Charm

Text by Britt E. Stafford • Photography Courtesy of Nina’s of Paris

A short stroll from some of Paris’s popular tourist attractions along the Seine River—the Louvre, the Jardin des Tuileries, and Le Palais Royal—resides the salon of a luxury tea company that boasts tribute to one of France’s most recognized historical figures. With a history that dates back more than three centuries, Nina’s of Paris offers tea drinkers an exclusive and royal experience in each cup. 

The intertwined history of Nina’s with the famous French royal started in 1672, when the company—originally called La Distillerie Frères—started producing essential lavender oil fragrances. Eventually, it became renowned for the ability to craft and create different aromas, and its distinguished reputation made its products very popular with King Louis XIV, the Court of Versailles, and Marie Antoinette. Over the years, the company transitioned to infuse its popular aromas into a line of uniquely blended teas still sold today. 


  1. Looks like Nina’s has been completely redesigned since I visited in 2007. It had lots of red accents drawn from the tea cannisters at the time.

  2. The Marie Antoinette tea is delectable! By far my favorite tea in the world. I keep a small supply at home to enjoy with my daughter when she comes home from college.


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