Orange Pekoe

Orange Pekoe

A Very Fine Tearoom Serving Very Fine Teas in West London
by Jane Pettigrew • Photography Courtesy of Orange Pekoe

When Marianna Hadjigeorgiou decided in 2004 to open a tearoom in Barnes in West London, she knew that the design and ambience had to reflect the emotional attachment, respect, and affection she had felt for tea since childhood. Brought up in Britain in a Greek family, she remembers that the living room was always filled with the chatter and laughter of friends and family gathered around the constant pots of tea her mother brewed and served with freshly baked cakes. As her dreams of opening a tearoom played in the back of her mind, she knew it would have to mirror and repeat those memories so that anyone who came to drink tea would enjoy the same warm welcome and relaxed comfort of her family home. And that is exactly what Orange Pekoe achieves—a gentle, informal neighborliness, a sunny welcome, and a concern for the comfort and expectations of every single visitor. 



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