1. I absolutely love your magazine. The pictures and recipes are phenomenal and I love the articles. Excellent job!!

  2. To keep it short and sweet, the Tea Time magazine and website are AMAZING. I learn so much and each issue is a highlight to my day.

  3. I want to live inside these pages and have frequent visits with you, Phyllis. Your visions on these pages are the worlds I visit as often as needed. Thank you for the beauty you bring to us with every issue of every magazine you publish.

  4. “Tea Time:” brings warm feelings of contentment. It truly is the “sunny side of life” in a world of chaos. I feel like it brings some peace and sanity into my life.


  5. Tea time . Refreshes your vision with nice beautiful tables. As a lover of a afternoon teas this magazine keeps me motivated.

    Cristabell West

  6. .The feeling exuded by the tea pot should match the occasion. The tea pots in your pictures appear to be very nice. But clicking on a picture does not expand it. It would be nice to be able to expand the picture for a better look at the tea pot and at the same time learn something about it.


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