Resolutions for the New Year: For Tea Lovers

Illustration by Marie Barber

4. Purchase and use new accessories for afternoon tea.
Petit four servers, sleek wooden caddies, delicately filigreed silver strainers—there are so many beautiful collectibles associated with afternoon tea. With the help of an antiques or other expert, increase your knowledge of these items and begin adding them to your teatime “wardrobe.”

5. Try new teatime recipes.
Tea is a beverage that beautifully accommodates a staggering range of flavors, from the sweet to the savory. Take time this year to try at least one new recipe for a tea sandwich, confection, or scone, and pair it with different teas to see what pleases your palate and what does not. And don’t be afraid to cook with tea—infuse everything from entrées to appetizers. You will not only broaden your experience in the kitchen, but also increase your knowledge of tea and its enormous versatility.


  1. Hey there!

    nice blogpost. My new years tea resolution is to try more diverse tea and maybe to do a tea vacation in china!
    Wish you all the best for 2019


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