Resolutions for the New Year: For Tea Lovers

Illustration by Marie Barber

6. Learn to brew a perfect pot of tea.
Start with fresh (preferably filtered) water, and heat to boiling. Add fresh leaves to a warmed teapot—about a teaspoon per cup—and top with boiling water. If brewing white or green tea, allow the water to cool slightly before adding tea. Steep the infusion for three to five minutes—sometimes a bit less for green teas—and serve immediately.

7. Create a personal daily tea escape.
Find a nook, corner, or room in your home, and create a private tea sanctuary. Devise a comfortable space for lounging. For example, arrange seating with a view of a window, a painting, or other reflective vignette, along with a nearby table for easy self-service. Bring into this space whatever gives you serenity, be it a book of poetry or a journal for daydreaming, and spend some time in this tranquil little corner of your world every day.


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  1. Hey there!

    nice blogpost. My new years tea resolution is to try more diverse tea and maybe to do a tea vacation in china!
    Wish you all the best for 2019


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