Seasonal Centerpiece: Harvest of Beauty


With the arrival of autumn comes crisp, cool air; the ever-present smoky smell of a roaring fire; and leaves of amber, scarlet, and gold. Nature, in its kindness, has provided the raw materials to create an indoor scene that mirrors the one outside, and the tea table is the perfect place to start. A vibrant, handcrafted flower arrangement makes a simple yet elegant statement. Its eye-catching color sets the tone for an event, serves as a conversation piece, and adds a bit of pizzazz to the tablescape. Add the warm, soothing effect of tea served with your favorite autumn tea ware and guests will linger happily until the last drop is sipped.

Learn how to achieve this seasonal look:


Step 1: Assemble materials: florist oasis (a green, moldable material used to anchor the flowers), a terra-cotta pot, a pretty plate, hypericum (a small, golden bloom), solidago (a plant with green berries), wheat, sheet moss, a dozen roses or sunflowers, votives.





Step 2: Soak the florist oasis in water, and train the material to fit inside the terra-cotta pot. Arrange hypericum, solidago, and wheat to suit, anchoring in the florist oasis. Place pot on the plate.







Step 3: Place a 3-x-3-inch oasis block on the plate in front of the pot, and cover it with sheet moss. Add roses (sunflowers can be substituted) and more hypericum and solidago. Fill in open spaces with moss.








Step 4: Use as a centerpiece singly or in groups, or make one for each guest and add a place card.



From TeaTime Fall 2005 


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