A Sparkling New Year Tea

Sweets Course
nyetea8End the occasion by enjoying Grace Tea Company’s Demitasse After Dinner Tea with our Raspberry-Cream Shortbread TartletsVanilla French Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache Filling, and Lemon Cream Puffs. Visit gracetea.com to find more fine tea selections from Grace Tea Company. 

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  1. I would love to renew my subscription to Tea Time. I let it lapse a couple years ago and miss it.

  2. I have been a subscriber of Tea Time for many years. When will you cover Kwanzaa. I have been during Kwanzaa & Kwanzaa Tea for a while but never can fine any information regarding African American an Tea.
    Thank you for address this concern..

    Ms. Vii

    • Hello Viola! While we haven’t covered a Kwanzaa tea, we are interested in hearing from readers on such celebrations. What do you like to see at a proper Kwanzaa tea?


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