A Spring Table for Two

Conversation will flow as freely as tea at a beautifully set table for two.

Your son just proposed to the most delightful young woman, but you haven’t met her family yet. What better way to get acquainted than to invite her mother to tea?

Nothing lends itself to good conversation like a perfectly brewed pot of tea served in beautiful surroundings. Set a table for two in the cozy quarters of the living room, and bring the splendid hues of spring inside with a stunning centerpiece of pink roses arranged in a beautiful silver epergne.


The brilliant roseate color of the flowers is mirrored in the bright bands circling the rims of the china, and the polka-dot tidbit plate adds a touch of whimsy. A floral teapot rests on another plate, preventing unbidden drips from reaching the cloth.
Add linen napkins, gathering the fabric in soft folds and clasping with a rosy-jeweled butterfly napkin ring.

By attending to the details, you can guarantee that the conversation will flow as smoothly as the tea, and you will know for certain that your families will blend as well as the leaves of black tea and oil of Bergamot in that teapot of Earl Grey.

From TeaTime March/April 2006


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