Taking Tea at the Baccarat Hotel New York

The Prince of Wales Tea, an English-style tea, with warm scones, Devonshire cream, savories, and sweets. 

“I want [afternoon tea] to be a really special experience,” Gabrielle explains. “I set the table up beautifully with as much Baccarat as I can. The table is set with different colored champagne flutes. We want it to feel as though we have been expecting [the guest].”

Each tea service, ranging in price from $65 per person to $600 for two, reflects the life and history of different monarchs with special ties to Baccarat. The King Louis XV Tea is styled as if one were enjoying tea at the Palace of Versailles, with French delicacies such as macarons, an éclair, and raspberry mousse. The Prince of Wales Tea, an English-style tea, honors the tradition of warm scones with Devonshire cream for tea along with a myriad of savories and sweets. In appropriate Russian style, the Tsar Nicholas II service is a lavish four-course tea accompanied with champagne and caviar. The latest addition to the lineup is the Sultan Abdülaziz, a tea for two with heavy Turkish and Middle Eastern influences. 


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