Taking Tea in Richmond

Taking Tea in Richmond
Photograph courtesy of Maria Tucciarone.

Cuppa Cheer
17484 Center Drive #2D • Ruther Glen, Virginia 22546
804-589-1431 • facebook.com/cuppacheer

A white, wooden teapot painted with the words “Cuppa Cheer” hangs above the door of a charming brick building. The sign beckons visitors to venture inside for a welcoming, warming cup of tea, but those who visit the restaurant will find that more than tea awaits them. This inviting, country locale and gift shop has served as a unique stop at the midway point between Richmond and Fredericksburg for almost four years.

Owner Terrie Lynch introduced the tearoom to Ruther Glen, located a 30-minute drive north of Richmond, after the closure of one of her favorite venues. With the advice and assistance of the tearoom’s owner, who donated several dishes and pieces of furniture to Terrie’s endeavor, Terrie was equipped to open her own haven for afternoon tea. Armed with floral tablecloths and valances and dainty parasols to hang from the ceiling, Terrie brought a true cuppa cheer to the rural area of of historic Route 1.

“This is a little more old-world and romantic than some tearooms,” Terrie notes. “It’s very cozy, with one room with four tables and a back room with two tables. We get people who are looking to meet in the middle between Richmond and Fredericksburg, and people from all over.”

Taking Tea in Richmond

Diners who choose to partake in teatime at Cuppa Cheer have a variety of services from which to choose. There are options ranging from a simple Spot of Tea for $7, which offers a pot of tea, two scones, and fruit, to the elaborate Vincenza for two for $23 per person, which features two pots of tea, four scones, fruit, two tea sandwiches, cheese, crudités, pastries, and desserts. Terrie offers a selection of 15 blends and brews from Simpson & Vail for guests to enjoy with their meal. At the conclusion of afternoon tea, Terrie encourages her patrons to peruse the assortment of tea accessories, books, and hand-crafted items available for sale in the gift shop.

For Terrie, Cuppa Cheer is her second home. She will happily tell you that each morning when she leaves her house to open the shop, she is wearing a smile. From interacting with her guests to hosting special events, this chapter in her life has brought her more than she could have ever imagined.

“This is so much more than a tearoom,” Terrie remarks. “It’s about the people who visit. I’ve made a lot of friendships throughout the years, and I’ve met some amazing people.”

Cuppa Cheer Tea Room & Gift Shop is open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. Reservations are not required for afternoon tea but are encouraged.


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