Tea Cups: From Pretty to Practical  

Tea Cups: From Pretty to Practical  
A Versace teacup stands out with its distinctive handle.

Helping write the history of teacup designs were names like Royal Doulton, Haviland, and Spode. Their designs furthered the teacup as an art form that represented a culture. 

For centuries, the treasured teacup, whether chipped or carefully maintained and without blemish, has made countless journeys from the shelf to the table and back again. A vital part of cultural customs, it has maintained its place in high culture and deep-rooted tradition while seeming equally at home on a simple shelf or modest table.

Fun Fact
During both world wars, teacups helped denote status, as officers sipped from china, and enlisted troops drank from metal or tin cups.

Resources include Herend Fishnet cup and saucer, Herend Windsor Garden cup, Royal Jackson Lady Lee antique cup and saucer, Bernardaud Prince Bleu teacup, and Versace teacup and saucer from Bromberg’s.

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