Tea in the Garden State

Tea in the Garden State
Cosy Cupboard Tea Room

4 Old Turnpike Road • Convent Station, NJ 07961
973-998-6676 • cosycupboardtearoom.com

College professor James Howard and his family had afternoon tea when they vacationed. Because he usually commented about things he would do differently if he owned a tearoom, his children challenged him to open one. He did—although it took close to seven years of planning for the Cosy Cupboard Tea Room to come to fruition.

Tea in the Garden State
Professor James Howard (right) founded the Cosy Cupboard in 2009. His son Vincent (left) now serves as its general manager

The upscale and traditional tearoom is open Wednesday through Sunday, and walk-ins are welcome. Reservations for teatime are highly recommended, but are required only for groups or for special events such as the Summer Jazz Series, which features live music on the third Friday of each month through October. 

Afternoon tea is served in courses and can include soup or salad, if desired. Otherwise, tea sandwiches are presented first, followed by scones (which James and his staff pronounce “schans” in keeping with Scottish tradition). Desserts vary but might include English trifle with fresh berries. When patrons request leftovers be wrapped to take home, they are often surprised that to-go items are placed on actual china. “Now you have a good reason to come back,” James tells them, as if an incentive for a return visit were needed. Although Lady Londonderry is the house tea, customers can sample any of the 28-plus teas in the tearoom’s cupboard while enjoying their meal. Those celebrating a birthday receive a free bag of tea when they mark the day with a visit to Cosy Cupboard.



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