Tea in The Secret Garden

Raison Orange Scones

The first course in The Secret Garden Tea is Raisin-Orange Scones, accompanied by a pot of Annapolis Treasures Tea, a blend of black and green teas, marigold flowers, and peach essence from Capital Teas.


  1. I first read this book as a child in the 3rd grade at the tiny two room school I attended. I was completely enthralled with the story and never forgot it. Many years later I watched the original movie version of the story and renewed my love for it. Several years later I chanced upon a 1916 printing of the novel. It was special not only because of the story, but also because my late mother was born in 1916. I still have the book, 100 years old now. The red cloth cover is very faded, but otherwise in remarkable condition. It even still contains the faded pressed flower that was inside it when I purchased it. I have often wondered about the person who lovingly pressed that flower so long ago and wished I knew more about them.

  2. Oh! What a lovely article! I just love tea parties outdoors and a ‘Secret Garden” theme is by far the best idea!

    I sure wish I had a secret garden – although my outdoor terrace is heavenly when the birds are singing and the nearby natural waterfall is flowing! (Sadly, the dry Summer months do not see the waterfall flowing very much!)

    I’ll look forward to hosting a similar tea party this early Autumn when the weather is a bit cooler and the hot tea will warm my guest’s hearts!

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

  3. I am of retirement age. Had heard comments over the years mentioning ” The Secret Garden.” No need to put off any longer. I got the book and thoroughly enjoyed my read.
    Nearly at the end of the book I finally realized I had read this.
    Many years ago to my children.
    I am glad I did not remember that, because I enjoyed it so as an adult. As a young, busy mother, I am not sure I would have..

  4. I’ve always loved this book. I received the Tasha Tudor illustrated edition as a child. More recently, I read Return to the Secret Garden by Susan Moody which is about the characters as adults. As a reviewer said, “Not exactly Wuthering Heights but a good bubblebath read..”. I liked it. There is another book with the same title so be sure to look for the one by Moody.

  5. Help, please! I had a cup of blueberry tea several years ago that turned me into a tea drinker. Since then I’ve tried dozens of blueberries teas, and none are truly blueberry-y. Most get their flavor from hibiscus. Can anyone suggest a really berry-tasting tea?


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