My Tea Story: Paris in a Cup

My Tea Story: Paris in a Cup

Text by Cheryl Turner
Photograph Courtesy of Paris In A Cup

I have been in the tea business for more than 20 years, but my history with the drink dates back to my childhood when my grandmother would dress me up and take me to tearooms in Los Angeles.

I vividly remember my first experience. We walked into a room full of ladies and gentlemen dressed for afternoon tea—white gloves and hats on the ladies, suits for the gentlemen. While the room was full, the conversations were hushed and quiet. As tea etiquette dictates, people were using their inside voices, and I could even hear the faint tinkling of spoons against teacups. When we were seated at our table, I was almost dizzy with excitement as I perused the china service set before us. We were brought pots of hot tea and little tea sandwiches on date bread, along with sweet treats. I was hooked!

In addition serving foods with a French flair at its Orange, California, location, Paris In A Cup has its own line of teas and French-themed products, many of which are available online at

Fast-forward to 1993 when I purchased an antique mall with a little tearoom called Some Place in Time in the Old Towne district of Orange, California. With my best friend and business partner, I worked to give our guests the same experience I enjoyed as a child. Eight years later, we sold the business. But after a few years, my sister Valerie and I continued talking about opening another tearoom of our own, and eventually we decided to go for it. Wanting a different theme and look, we opted for a Parisian twist so guests would have an experience they would always remember. In 2007, we opened Paris In A Cup, a French-themed salon and café. We are overjoyed that we are celebrating our 11th year.

The sign over our doors reads Que les invités qui entrent dans cette maison, repartent en amis, which means “May all who enter as guests, leave as friends,” in French, of course. I am so happy to have made so many lovely friends and memories all over a cup of tea!


From TeaTime March/April 2018





  1. What a wonderful story..
    As an english woman..there are few things i love more than a up of tea while watching the world go by..
    your story has inspired me to create an afternoon tea gathering very soon for all my Daughter’s soon to be Bridesmaids!..
    I can’t wait!…


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