Tea & Sweets


The brand new Tea & Sweets hardcover book includes recipes for cakes and cupcakes, tarts and cheesecakes, cookies and bars—sweet treats are plentiful in this collection of delicious recipes from the editors of TeaTime magazine. Satisfy your sweet tooth with cakes, tarts, cheesecakes, cookies, and more!

What’s inside this 136-page hardback book, perfect for tea lovers… 

  • 115 perfect dessert recipes 
  • 13 stunning tearooms (plus, more recipes!) 
  • Dozens of expert preparation and presentation tips 
  • BONUS: Tea-steeping and tea-pairing guides

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  1. I have purchased all the books and I subscribe to your magazine. I have a favorite recipe from Fabulous Desserts for Afternoon Tea. I spilled a sauce on this page and cant read all of the recipe.
    Page27, White chocolate-lemon cake, Lemon Mascarpone Filling and Lemon-white chocolate buttercream.
    Could you send me this one recipe? I really dont want to buy a second book for one recipe.

    Cynthia Hamilton


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