A Tea Tour of Switzerland

Photography Courtesy of Barbara Vogel, L’Art du Thé

Burgerstasse 1 • 6003 Lucerne
+41 41 240 32 20 • art-du-the.ch

Barbara Vogel-Haefliger’s shop, which she opened in 1997 close to the river in the heart of old Lucerne, embodies the elegance and simplicity
of the tea world. A warm glow cast by two glass chandeliers inside the store draws the attention of people passing by and invites them to pause in their busy day to enjoy the thoughtful window arrangements of sleek Japanese tetsubin and tiny Yixing teapots, stoneware and porcelain bowls and dishes, and small chests of tea from Indian tea gardens. Inside, an impressive bank of tall burgundy-red caddies stands on neat wooden shelves behind the counter and tempts customers to ask what’s inside each one. The décor is of restrained neutral tones that create a harmonious backdrop for the exquisite collection of oriental tea wares, books, and tea equipage arranged very simply around the room. After the birth of her three children, Barbara’s daughter has recently returned to working with her mother, and Barbara has created special blends for the grandchildren, balancing the character of the tea to suit each child’s name and personality. She travels each year to the different tea origins to select the best teas for this, one of Switzerland’s best-loved and best-known tea stores.


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