A Tea Tour of Switzerland

Photography Courtesy of Länggass-Tee

Länggassstrasse 47 • 3012 Bern
+41 31 302 15 28 • laenggasstee.ch

By a serendipitous connection 
of names, the Lange family
 owns Länggass-Tee on Länggassstrasse in Bern, Switzerland’s capital city. Katrin and 
Gerhard Lange founded the 
business in 1983 and now work with their four sons 
to run the shop and the busy tearoom, which is so successful that people wait three months for a reservation. From humble beginnings, the Langes’ knowledge and passion grew, and tea became an additional member of the family. In 2002, Gerhard and eldest son Kaspar began to travel to the East to gain a deeper understanding of tea. Over time, close relationships developed between ltthe Langes and the producers whose teas they purchased. The store on the ground floor is a treasure trove of teas and tea wares, lovingly chosen with a deep appreciation for their individual beauty, their significance in the world of tea, and the skill of the makers in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and India. Upstairs, wonderfully quiet corners are impeccably styled with delicate Asian touches to create the perfect ambience for very special tea occasions. This is a haven of serene elegance where everyone feels at home. People talk quietly with respect for others, or they read, lost in the silence of their own peaceful world while enjoying the sweet and savory treats and little scones that are brought to the table on a three-tiered cake stand. There is even a small Japanese tearoom with silky tatami matting and all the traditional decorations and brewing vessels. The service, food, and teas here are shining examples of how a tearoom should be run.


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