By Amy Cates

The teapot is a simple vessel—short and stout, with its handle and spout, as the childhood song indicates. A teapot doesn’t have to be beautiful, whimsical, or ornate to quietly steep tea while simultaneously holding the heat of the water. But variations in the teapot’s composition, shape, and design certainly add to its charm, giving it a side job as either a cherished family heirloom or a fanciful addition to a treasured collection.


  1. I have read many of your magazines and I have a subscription. I do not remember seeing any advice on whether a decorative porcelain teapot can be kept warm using a tea warmer (with a tea candle). Would the flame harm the teapot?

    • We include a very detailed resource guide on page 63, which is included in the back of every issue. There you may find information on all of the products pictured in the magazine.


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