TeaTime 15: Notable Wares for Tea

 Notable Wares for TeaSnack Plate
With a slightly larger surface than a saucer plate and an indentation in the plate specifically for the placement of the teacup, the snack plate, also known as a tennis plate, is a unique and useful twist on the traditional cup and saucer. Examples such as this Winchester Pink snack plate by Johnson Brothers offer room to place a few sweets or savories and make it easy for guests to enjoy the delightful treats served with tea, especially in a buffet-style setting.


  1. Exquisite Pieces !

    Fav’s: Brown Betty. Blue Willow. Tea Bowl . Yixing. Gaiwan. Snack Plate. Tea for One.

    I have a small to medium collection and would like to add some of your’s to it, but can’t right now.

    Maybe later!
    I enjoy Tea Time


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