TeaTime 15: Notable Wares for Tea

 Notable Wares for TeaGaiwan
A Chinese gaiwan, which translates to “lidded bowl,” is a small covered cup with a saucer that can be used to simultaneously brew and savor tea. As seen in this Imperial Yellow Gaiwan from Robertson Tea, the lid allows the steam to remain contained during steeping, which offers a more full-bodied flavor to the infusion. When the leaves have steeped, the lid is pushed back slightly to hold in the leaves while the beverage is drunk or poured into smaller cups.


  1. Exquisite Pieces !

    Fav’s: Brown Betty. Blue Willow. Tea Bowl . Yixing. Gaiwan. Snack Plate. Tea for One.

    I have a small to medium collection and would like to add some of your’s to it, but can’t right now.

    Maybe later!
    I enjoy Tea Time


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