TeaTime 15: Notable Figures in Tea

TeaTime 15: Notable Figures in Tea

Over the last 15 years, the tea culture in the United States and Canada has not only managed to thrive, but has also grown to have a global reach thanks to those with a strong interest in it. In honor of this publication’s 15th anniversary, TeaTime 15 is a yearlong series that will focus on various aspects of the tea industry, featuring key people, places, and things. This first installment spotlights a group of need-to-know people in the world of tea, their careers, and their contributions to the production, consumption, and overall enjoyment of this ever-popular beverage. While each has a different background and area of expertise, they all have one commonality—their passion for one of the most popular beverages across the globe.


  1. I look forward to each issue of TeaTime. Each issue is colorful, creative, and inspiring in addition to being about tea which I adore. Thank you‼️


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