TeaTime March/April 2018 Issue Preview

March/April 2018 Issue Preview

Explore TeaTime’s first French-themed issue with menus full of inspired, whimsical, and elegant cuisine. Learn about the wonder of china produced in Limoges, the porcelain capital of France. Discover a number of venues for tea in the city of Nantes. Read about Nina’s of Paris, a teahouse with royal connections. Appreciate the top 15 tea wares all tea aficionados should cherish.

Take a sneak peek at some of our favorite March/April 2018 issue features on the next page.


  1. Enjoying my issue. Found it funny in the article “An Introduction to French Tea” Bruce states …but tea has never been synonymous to French culture as it is to British routine.. Going on to say in Great Britain tea is taken for granted. I wish to disagree. I’m here in America but do read about and Fb with those in the UK and they are very passionate about their tea. What to have, how to have and when to have. It is very much a part of their culture.


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