The Tea Diaries: A Step Back in Time in the Village of Near Sawrey

The Tea Diaries: A Step Back in Time in the Village of Near Sawrey
Devoted TeaTime subscriber Annie Meadows having scones and tea at Belle Green. Photography by Annie Meadows

A day later, I traveled not far down the lane to a 17th-century Lakeland cottage called Buckle Yeat. I am no stranger to Buckle Yeat Cottage and have lodged here numerous times. Helen and Robert Kirby share in the management duties for this pleasant establishment and serve one of the best breakfasts in the Lake District. Even though teatime is not in the books for Buckle Yeat, Helen always presents a traditional pot of black tea to me midday as I sit by the grandfather clock (which inspired a character by the same name in one of my children’s series of books), writing in the comfort of their sizeable parlor, where the windows overlook flower gardens just beyond the front door.

Buckle Yeat is located next to Hill Top Farm, former home and now museum of author and artist Beatrix Potter. Well known for her children’s books and whimsical watercolors, Beatrix often vacationed in the Lake District with her parents. She purchased Hill Top in 1905 at the age of 39. Upon her death, Beatrix left 4,000 acres of land and 14 farms with many sheep to the National Trust so they could be preserved for future generations. Thanks to her, the Lake District stands still in time.

Teatime is simple in Near Sawrey, yet it offers a warmth and deep pleasure that stay in the soul long after departure. A part of that moment goes with you, not soon forgotten. Belle Green and Buckle Yeat offer a step back in time, when teatime was purely a desirable tradition. 

Annie Meadows is a contemporary Christian singer/songwriter, host of “The Journey” weekly radio program, and an author. She is the founder of the Las Vegas Ladies Tea Society, which meets quarterly. Learn more about Annie and her endeavors at and

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