The Tea Experience: America’s Living History Teas

 The Tea Experience: “America’s Living History Teas?”

Notable Venues of the Eastern United States
By Terri Cook

Since December 16, 1773, American history has been inextricably linked with tea. On that evening, a group of boisterous Bostonians, some disguised as Mohawk Indians, boarded three ships anchored in the harbor and dumped several hundred chests of black Bohea tea overboard to protest British taxation, which helped spark the American Revolution.

Today, historical venues from sea to shining sea host modern tea parties that feature a substantial slice of the nation’s past. In addition to fragrant tea blends and tempting treats, locales ranging from elegant mansions to an antique barn to museums use tours, reenactments, and knowledgeable interpreters garbed in period clothing to bring history to life, offering delighted participants intimate insight into some of the critical events, places, and people that have helped distinguish and define our proud country. 


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