The Tea Experience: America’s Living History Teas

Photos courtesy of Historic Rosemont

Historic Rosemont Manor is an ideal location to relax and enjoy a Manor House Tea featuring three delectable courses—savory, scone, and sweets—each paired with a tea specially blended for the estate. Rosemont chefs change menu items seasonally, so every tea experience is different. The first course is served with Rosemont’s signature black Byrd Blend tea. The scone course, served with Devonshire cream and fruit preserves, is paired with a flavored green tea, and the final course includes delightful sweets such as petite

Photos courtesy of Historic Rosemont

cakes, decadent brownies and thumbprint cookies serviced with a refreshing Lemon Souffle Rooibos. Following the tea, visitors may take a self-guided tour of the manor and grounds, where current owners Biff and Barb Genda and their 12 children share some of the manor’s captivating history.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Except for Abigail’s Tea Room, all venues require reservations for afternoon tea. Because of their popularity, many sell out well in advance.

Terri Cook is a freelance travel and science writer whose love of history, people, and a soothing cup of tea have led her to explore all 50 states. She is the coauthor of three books, including the recently released Geology Underfoot Along Colorado’s Front Range.

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