Tilly Mint’s Tea Room

Tilly Mint’s Tea Room
When Trish Stubbs, (pictured right), opened Tilly Mint’s in 2007, she created a setting that honored her family’s British heritage with various memorabilia and knickknacks arranged around the tearoom.

The first member of her family born in the United States, Trish grew up in a very British household in Pennsylvania. Her childhood included several English traditions, such as the nickname Tilly Mint, a popular epithet in parts of Liverpool, from where her family emigrated. “That’s what my mom used to call me,” Trish recalls, with hints of English articulations melding with her American accent. “It’s a term of endearment. Such as Americans say ‘kiddos,’ in the Liverpool area little girls are called Tilly Mint.” She spent part of her high school and college years in England but longed to return to the country she considers home. “I have an American heart and British blood,” Trish explains. 

Served at most breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, tea was another custom she practiced throughout her youth. “It was always an occasion when my mom made tea,” Trish reminisces. “Tea was used for everything—to celebrate, if there was something sad going on, for everyday events, or when friends came to visit.” 


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