Win a Herend Blue Garland Teapot

Win this beautiful teapot from
the pages of TeaTime magazine.

And the winner is . . . Annemarie Wright from Indianapolis, Indiana.
She’s the winner of this 36-ounce Herend Blue Garland teapot from our July/August 2015 issue. Founded in Hungary in 1826, Herend china has been a favorite of British royalty—from Queen Victoria to Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge—for more than 160 years. This exquisite hand-painted Blue Garland teapot is fit for royalty.

Watch for another teapot giveaway in September.



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  1. I shared on facebook and email, but the entry numbers didn’t reflect that. I hope I still have a good chance. This is a beautiful teapot.

  2. TeaTime magazine, one of my favorite magazines to enjoy a nice get away from daily responsibilities. Thanks for all the beautiful table settings and the wonderful treats.

  3. I have always wanted a Herend teapot and I love this one so much. It is delicate and the rose on top sends me.

  4. Herend china is classic … I love every aspect of this charming little teapot including the little rose on the life…It makes me smile…Thanks for this chance to win…Best Wishes

  5. I enjoy the ritual of making my tea every morning and drinking it from different china cups that I have collected over the years. This teapot would be a lovely addition to my ritual.

  6. Great teapot! Tea is one of the little pleasures that helps unwind in a turbulent world. It can be a simple or as complicated as you make it. I prefer the simple approach.

  7. I have a tea party with my daughters and granddaughters every year celebrating my cancer free anniversary. It’s been 10 years now. This gorgeous tea pot would be used and cherished.

  8. I love drinking tea everyday at 4 PM and have learned more about tea from my British boyfriend who drinks tea all day long ….this is a wonderful teapot that would be an heirloom for me and a teapot that Giles would use as well in his cottage … a tea lover for many years I am about to learn more about tea and teatime from your beautiful magazine.

  9. Beautiful teapot! I have a small collection of teapots and cups & saucers and have tea every morning using different cups to enjoy their lovely patterns and designs! Thank you to Teatime Magazine for a visually beautiful publication as well as being informative about tea related things!

  10. Gorgeous, I also collect unique teapots and this one would look lovely with my collection and would represent well while serving. Hope I am the fortunate winner.

  11. There is nothing more civilized than a good cup of tea and the civilized way to do it is with a proper teapot. Where is my tiara?

  12. Such a very exquisite item! Herend China is top of the line and it would be so very wonderful having this beautiful work of art in my home! I have seen this pattern in fine stores and have always loved the fine workmanship of the creator and artist!

  13. Thank you for this opportunity to win such a lovely teapot! Thanks, too, for your ‘TeaTime’ magazine. I always look forward to receiving my issues in the mail. As Bernard-Paul Heroux wrote, “There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.” Best wishes!

  14. I would enjoy this so much as I don’t have a teapot. I have to strain all the time or use a bag. Loose tea is so much better steeped in a pot, so my friends tell me.

  15. I have been a subscriber to Tea Time magazine for many years and have saved all my issues. My collection of tea pots is very special to me, so many wonderful memories are attached to them. I shared my delight in a letter to your magazine when one of my teapots was pictured on the front cover of the July/August, 2014 issue and was so touched to receive a response from Kellie Grammar! It would be wonderful to win the Herend tea pot, thank you for the opportunity to enter and share these special memories.

  16. I have this set of dishes that match the teapot and they were from a girlfriend that passed away. It would mean so much to have the teapot and be able to use the teapot when I use her dishes she gave me when I have my tea parties. The teapot is really beautiful. I love to get my magazine and I wish it came out every month because it is so good. In fact I am taking a bunch of the magazines with me on our vacation to go back thru them.

  17. Such a pretty teapot! I love pretty dishes of all kinds but there’s something particularly appealing about teapots.

  18. Thank for the chance to win this elegant Hungarian Herend teapot. I would be honored to have this as I am Hungarian and would love a piece of Herend! I love teapots, porcelain cups and saucers and a variety of different teas. This teapot would be a grande addition to my tea parties! My favorite tea is from Canada called Red Rose which I believe originates from Britain.

  19. Teatime Magazine has helped me to have the best teas in town. They would be even better with this elegant teapot! Bev

  20. It is a very special, beautiful tea pot.
    I have a collection of tea cups and pots.
    When my granddaughters come to visit they pick out a different one all the time to have tea time together. It is a tradition of memories!

  21. We love your magazine and use your recipes and ideas in our Tea Shop – Sunflower Tea Shop in Oscoda, MI – all the time. It is always a highlight to receive the latest edition. Your books are also just wonderful. I often use the article in Scones with my tea talks to explain the proper way to eat a scone.

  22. I love Tea Time magazine!
    When it arrives, everything stops and I devour it from cover to cover!
    I love the outstanding articles, the spectacular photography and have given 2 subscriptions as gifts to two of my friends…who equally love it! My most favorite article is the one you do on the regular, formal and casual place settings…so very lovely! Thank you and this teapot is stunning in my favorite lye and white pattern/colors!!

  23. I collect Teapots. And I also use some of them. This teapot will be treasure along side my other teapots with great care.

  24. I enjoy all kinds of teas & love collecting & using special teapots! This teapot is beautiful! I especially like the rose on the lid…lovely!!! I really enjoy your magazine. Some of your recipes have become favorites at our home!

    • Thanks, Honey! I’ll share the tea pot with you and your sisters if I end up the lucky owner of this exquisite tea pot.

  25. Hello,

    I can only tell you that I drooled when my Hungarian friend unpacked this same teapot while I was helping her move. She has quite a history to tell of her
    escape from Hungary and managing to bring most of her precious Herend pieces, which were her Mother’s treasures. My Friend refers to them as her “love and joy” memories. I cannot wait to share this image with her.
    Sara Alford, Somerset, NJ
    Thank you

  26. If I win, I will give it to the 83 year old young lady. She can have elegant tea parties and hopefully she will invite me.

  27. I am so glad I stopped by the website! I may not win a teapot but I am so glad that you are having a drawing for one!! The joys of tea are even more delightful when a teapot is included!! 🙂 It is a luxury to take those brief moments to enjoy lovely china and sip refreshment from a beautiful cup!!
    I hope teatime magazine will regularly gift people lovely teapots through drawings etc.!!

  28. Hand-painted! Makes me think of Hyacinth Bucket’s (pronounced Bouquet) hand painted periwinkle tea set from Keeping Up Appearances. That show makes me laugh! But this tea pot does look so special and delicate. Just the right amount of daintiness.


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