Bigelow Tea

Ruth and David Bigelow Sr. envisioned starting a family business with the flavored tea she developed.

In 1974 under the direction of Ruth’s son, David Bigelow, and his wife, Eunice, additional flavored teas came to be, among  them, Earl Grey, Lemon Lift, and Plantation Mint. At the same time, the company began packaging tea bags in individually sealed foil pouches to ensure optimum freshness. Cindi points to this innovative change in packaging as an important milestone in her parents’ leadership. Cindi knew by the age of 16 that she wanted to work for Bigelow Tea. Spending the summers of her high-school and college years there doing everything from packing tea to selling it in a territory and putting up product displays in retail stores confirmed her decision.


  1. I have been a longtime fan of both Constant Comment and Plantation Mint teas and enjoy them most mornings!

    It was a part of growing up in my family – and remains today!

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage


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