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A Bonnie Scottish Tea

A Bonnie Scottish Tea
Photography by John O’Hagan
Recipe Development and Food Styling by Janet Lambert

Invite guests to enjoy these teatime favourites from the Highlands of Scotland, where the word scone rhymes with gone, and shortbread is considered the crown jewel of Scottish baking.


  1. Could you please send to me a large piece of that beautiful Dundee cake??? I already have the tea to go with.
    Thank you,
    Margaret Gilmore

  2. Bettilee: When you get any of the Tea Time magazines, there is usually a page near the back that allows you to order I think 6 past issues for a really good price. They show the issues on the page, and those are the only ones that the offer applies to. Check out one of those. You’re probably only really interested in 2 for those specific articles, but each of the issues is special and even if you already have them, the other 4 would be wonderful gifts for friends who appreciate tea!

  3. Bettilee: Another option is to click on “shop” at the top of the Tea Time website. You’ll go to a page that has some of the issues shown and other products. If the issue you want isn’t there, then click on “contact us” at the very bottom of the page. You may have to look carefully as the printing is quite small and light in color and kinds of fades into the border color. Anyway, if you enter your email address and some other information they ask for, then you’ll type into a box what you want, and then in a few business days you’ll receive an email reply and you can take it from there. Hope this helps!


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