Caffè Florian

Caffè Florian
Guests who enjoy Caffè Florian’s signature line of teas in the restaurant can purchase them in the gift shop or online.

The windows of the café open to the square, where it continues its outdoor footprint with numerous small bistro sets, the tables all covered in starched white linen. A live orchestra is stationed between the façade of the café and its outdoor tables and plays throughout the day, adding a sophisticated backdrop to the convivial conversation that is the hallmark of gatherings at Florian.

Caffè Florian’s endurance and appeal may be attributed to long family ties and unwavering commitment to its luxury brand. Managed by members of the Vedaldi family from 1934 to 2009, the café was then acquired by Marco Paolini and other investors from fashion brands. They continue the legacy of Caffè Florian with art exhibits that speak to the origins and locale of this grand venue. 

Caffè Florian
A live orchestra performs daily to the delight of Florian customers who sit at bistro tables in Piazza San Marcos.

The connections of friends and family for three centuries are at the core of this café and are evident in its staff, whose warm hospitality attracts passersby like one of the appealing tunes that emanate from the orchestra. Corner Shop manager Anna Rita Panebianco greets guests with the ease and comfort of a lifelong friend. While serving delicious afternoon-tea fare and other menu items, Caffè Florian brings more than just tasty treats to its polished marble tables and velvet seats. It is a magical place, where, as Anna Rita enthusiastically says, “Something happens to you!” At Caffè Florian, visitors will find an enchanting tea experience where something special does happen that will leave them wearing their best smiles.

Caffè Florian, located at 57 Piazza San Marcos, Venice, Italy, does not require reservations for afternoon tea, which is available daily between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. For more information, go to

Barbara Gulley, and her daughter, Rachel, operate Barb’s Tea, a Michigan-based tea education business. They visited Caffè Florian on a recent trip to Italy.

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