Fancy That: Making Memories One Tea Cup at a Time

Fancy That: Making Memories One Tea Cup at a Time

 “Memory maker” is a title Sarah Erlandson, proprietor of Fancy That in Walpole, Massachusetts, says she treasures. Even as a young child, Sarah was drawn to tea things. She remembers that when she was only 8 years old, she purchased a cup and saucer as a gift for her mother. “I came to the planet with a real love for vintage china,” she notes.


  1. I have been subscribing to Tea Time for many years. I look forward to receiving each new issue. Thank you for publishing such a delightful magazine. Rochelle Mason

  2. It is very strange that I am looking at a story about Fancy That Tea Room. My friends and I just went there yesterday. Brad can’t do enough to make your tea experience absolutely wonderful. I would highly recommend going to Fancy That. I know I will be going back as soon as possible.

  3. Such a charming place, it’s like stepping into the dollhouse you dreamed of as a child and having a tea party. Make a reservation if you are in the area. You’ll love it!


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